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Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Interim Report

Fourth Quarter Highlights

  • FY 2016 Sales Revenue of USD 7.56 million vs. USD 6.43 million in FY 2015, or a 17% Year-Over-Year Rate of Growth
  • Agrinos Announces and Completes Deregistration from NOTC
  • Featured Speaker Terry Stone Discusses Sustainability and Biologicals at 2016 Biostimulants Europe Conference

“In the midst of another challenging year for multinational agriculture-related businesses, Agrinos made good progress in developing its core businesses and product-pipeline capabilities to ensure both near-term and long-term growth. Agrinos realized growth in revenue versus last year in our core geographies, which is a strong indicator that Agrinos’ partnerships and products are gaining the traction in the key market segments required to fuel long-term growth. The Company made these accomplishments while also achieving a year-over-year reduction in total operating expenses,” said D. Ry Wagner, CEO.

“For 2016, the company realized a 17% year-over-year rate of growth in sales revenue. In the core geographies of Brazil, India and the United States combined sales revenue growth exceeded 40% year-over-year in 2016 vs. 2015.”

“The Company is now well positioned to accelerate commercial growth across our global business regions having completed our strategic reorganization, opened our global research and development facility in Davis, California, and commissioned our state-of-the-art microbial production facility in Portland, Oregon. I am very excited about the future of Agrinos and the opportunities the company has as a leader in developing the biological crop input market,” concluded Wagner.

Full Report
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For further information, please contact:
John Janczak
Mobile: +1 817 507 6530
E-mail: john.janczak@agrinos.com

About Agrinos
Agrinos is a biological crop input provider committed to improving the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture. Agrinos’ range of biofertilizers and biostimulant products help farmers to practice profitable agriculture by providing increased crop productivity, improved efficiency of conventional fertilizer and a reduced environmental footprint.

Based on Agrinos’ proprietary High Yield Technology (HYT®) platform, the HYT products provide benefits by strengthening the soil-based microbial ecosystem, stimulating crop development at key points in the growth cycle and boosting natural plant resistance to environmental stresses. With solutions for a variety of crop categories, the technology comprising the HYT products has demonstrated its value in third-party trials in key agricultural regions worldwide.

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